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Add tags to latest entry
Overriding ACPI tables on Debian
creating tag page tags/tsc
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Stable TSC on X200
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Entrando no #libreplanet-br com Matrix
Destravando o telefone para instalação do Debian
Debian no telefone na página principal
Software Freedom Strategy with Community Projects
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fix url
News on Debian on apexqtmo
Oficina Debian on Gadgets
Declarando IRPF com software livre.
Debian on a smartphone.
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Still working torwards GNU on gadgets.
Partial blog post on GNU libc versions.
This contains a more extended history of versions than what I intend to
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Liberando acesso à Internet Banking, primeira parte.
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Debian on old Linux versions.
The challengs of getting new OSes working on lots of devices that
usually ship with very old versions of Linux.
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Chromebook Trackpad.
How I got libinput to work with it.
rnetclient 2016.0
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GNU on Smartphones
Added Debian tag and fixed some links, thanks Paul Wise.
Add English Wikipedia as a shortcut
GNU on Smartphones
A second take at this, with something not much of a plan, but I hope it
will inspire other people on what we need to do.
Donate using bitcoin
Atualização do currículo
How I used letsencrypt
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Ideas dump (part I)
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Palestra 2015
Fix git repo for mega drive joystick
Set rcs to git, in order to use timestamps
Archived blog posts
Why we need GNU radicals
Translation to English of Ethical Reverse Engineering.
Licenças de Software Livre 2014
Adiciona tags sobre a Ética da Engenharia Reversa
Edita título de Engenharia Reversa Etica
Quando a engenharia reversa é ética
Palestra do SFD2014
Corrige link para /talks/
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Sobre compartilhamento e isolamento em processos.
A página de palestras não havia sido adicionada.
Corrigindo algumas URLs
Iniciando com desenvolvimento do Linux
GNU on a smartphone
Correção de links no currículo
Versão inicial do currículo.
Fix Receitanet tag
Receitanet liberado.
Conto: Em breve, um criminoso!
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Post sobre IRPF GUI.
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Primeiro post em uma nova série de posts.
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Post sobre Mega Drive e Brasuíno.
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SBTVD e Gstreamer.
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Primeiro post sobre cozinha.
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A first post about Conectiva Parolin on Qemu.
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